• 	 The Message of the Living God	Paperback

The Message of the Living God Paperback



The God of the Bible is the living, active and self-revealing God. He takes the initiative in making himself known. He is a speaking God, and he calls for a listening people. Those who listen in faith, he draws in love into a relationship that engages every fibre of their humanity and enters every event in their lives.

 This is a book by a theologian and preacher who believes that the first purpose of a biblical theology is to lead us to the feet of the living God. The book ends with the theme of worship: an attitude and activity that takes us out into the world to serve this living God and to make him known.

Author / Artist Peter Lewis
Book Format paperback
Publisher Intervarsity Press
Weight 504g
Number of Pages 288
Thickness 30 mm
Height 234 mm
Width 156 mm
ISBN 9780851115092

ISBN-10 0851115098