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  • The Message of Proverbs	Paperback

The Message of Proverbs Paperback



Despite the centuries which separate us from the authors of these proverbs, the everyday realities of human existence remain: making friends, coping with sexuality, handling money, responding to poverty, making a living, learning through loss, muddling through difficulties, facing death.

 David Atkinson shows how Proverbs addresses all these issues. Wisdom, he argues, is about helping to cope; about seeing the world in a fresh way to five new resources for living; about working out what living for God means in the very ordinariness of daily life.

 These sayings, he explains, bring such concerns to life in vivid, imaginative, often humorous pictures, linking the cosmic and the homely. The ancient book puts a mirror up to our behaviour, and asks: 'Are you like this? Is there not a better way to live?'

Author / Artist D. Atkinson
Book Format paperback
Publisher Intervarsity Press
Weight 323g
Number of Pages 256
Thickness 14 mm
Height 230 mm
Width 136 mm
ISBN 9780851111667

ISBN-10 0851111661