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The Message of Malachi Paperback



Peter Adam provides a readable and reliable BST exposition of the Message of Malachi for pastors, teachers and averagely interested  readers. Standing between the end of the Old and the beginning of the New Testaments, Malachi summarizes all that’s gone before and also looks forward to the coming reign of God.

God's persistence in speaking to an age that persistently contradicts or questions his every word is a clear and timely picture of the sin and grace in close proximity in our own times. God's people neither serve him enthusiastically nor turn away in blatant disobedience, but this is not neutral territory; it’s a minefield of self-deception.

Through this BST commentary Malachi, speaks to the modern world about the need to bring performance into line with profession. His message, therefore, is current and Peter Adam shows how Malachi is God's effective remedy for such a situation and that, at the heart of God's people, must lie a deep, overwhelming conviction that God loves them.

Peter Adam is Principal of Ridley College, Melbourne, and a Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne. He is the author of Speaking God's Words: A Practical Theology of Preaching (IVP), Hearing God's Words: Exploring Biblical Spirituality (Apollos), Written for Us: Receiving God's words in the Bible and a contributor to the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (IVP).

Here, Peter Adam makes an all-new contribution to the respected Bible Speaks Today commentary series with an accessible introduction and exposition of the book of Malachi in the BST legacy of readability, reliability and relevance

Author / Artist Peter Adam
Book Format Paperback
Publisher IVP
Editor Alec Motyer
Weight 176g
Number of Pages 128
Height 201 mm
Width 140 mm
ISBN 9781844746224

ISBN-10 1844746224