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The Message of John Paperback



John's Gospel has had an incalculable impact on human history. Its pages contain a moral and spiritual potency which, over the centuries, has transformed communities, brought about political change and remade human character on a scale without precedent.

 The power remains in the Gospel today. At its centre, as at the centre of his exposition, is Jesus Christ in his glory and grace, majesty and tenderness. Bruce Milne believes that we can experience his presence even today, for the Gospel was 'written that ... you may have life in his name'.

 The Gospel of John is a witness to the King, as much a tract for our times as for John's. Bruce Milne's exposition focuses on the ministry of Jesus before his incarnation, during his life on earth and after his resurrection. The centrepiece of this Gospel is the cross, and its background the solemnity of God's judgment of the world.

Author / Artist Bruce Milne
Book Format paperback
Publisher Intervarsity Press 
Editor John Stott
Weight 382g
Number of Pages 352
Thickness 25 mm
Height 210 mm
Width 135 mm
ISBN 9780851109718

ISBN-10 0851109713