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  • The Message of Genesis 1-11	Paperback

The Message of Genesis 1-11 Paperback



This inspiring exposition goes back to the beginning. The early chapters of Genesis proclaim the origin of the world, and of human life on earth. David Atkinson applies what he finds here to the issues that face us at the beginning of a new millennium. The first eleven chapters of Genesis, he argues, are an overture to the rest of the Bible. They evoke wonder as God is portrayed in his creative power and beauty. They reveal his loving mercy and salvation even in his terrible judgment of those who turn from him and despoil the harmony of creation.

 David Atkinson vividly presents the magnificent cosmic setting of the early story of mankind. Here is the insight that allows us to understand both the greatness and the tragic flaw inherent in human beings today. Here is the key to our history. We are responsible participants in God's creation who must, like Noah, confront the possibility of global catastrophe.

Author / Artist D. Atkinson
Book Format paperback
Publisher Intervarsity Press
Weight 241g
Number of Pages 192
Thickness 63 mm
Height 210 mm
Width 130 mm
ISBN 9780851106762

ISBN-10 0851106765