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  • NKJV Audio Bible: Voice Only, MP3 CD

NKJV Audio Bible: Voice Only, MP3 CD



This New King James Version Audio Bible (MP3) gives you the beauty and poetry of the Bible’s elegant spoken words with a 400 year heritage. With all the tradition of the original – plus the simplicity of current forms of ancient words, the NKJV is at once refreshing and reassuring. With lively, sensitive narration by Stephen Johnston: expert, popular Bible narrator.

The updated NKJV translation is faithful to the accuracy and beauty of the KJV, but in contemporary, understandable language, and is carefully read here by narrator, Stephen Johnston. MP3 recording gives you the complete text of the Bible in over 70 hours but just 4GB of computer hard disk space with an easy-to-navigate on-screen index for Mac or PC. A variety of listening plans are included which be loaded to your MP3 player as play lists.

This package includes BOTH the DVD(1 disc) and CD (3 disks) loading options
• DVD loads onto Mac or Windows computer PC – needs only 4GB disc space
 • DVD Works with newer MP3 devices (128 kpbs sample rate)
 • DVD plays on MP3-enabled DVD player (check you player for capability)
 • CDs play on SOME MP3-enabled CD or DVD players (check you player for capability)
 • CD’s MP3 files (64 kpbs sample rate) require only 1.9 GB of hard disc space

 • Enjoy the Bible on the move, at home, in personal devotions or group Bible study
 • NKJV - faithful to the accuracy and beauty of the KJV in contemporary language
 • Includes a sturdy CD wallet for easy portability and disc protection
 • Limited lifetime warranty
 •DVD-ROM with interactive PDF on screen index and Play List

NOTE: MP3 tracks – like on the 3 CDs, are audio tracks that have been electronically ‘compressed’ to fit onto fewer CDs than is possible with normal audio recording. These MP3 CDs are designed for computers and for transfer to mobile players like personal MP3 players and i-pod type devices, and are not designed to play on home and car CD players - though many newer CD players will play MP3 CDs like these. Please check out the capability of your home or car player before ordering this audio Bible.

Book Format MP3 CD
Publisher Hendrickson (May 2008)
Read By Stephen Johnston
Weight 177g
Number of Pages 3
Thickness 27 mm
Height 194 mm
Width 173 mm
ISBN 9781598562781

ISBN-10 1598562789