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Hosea : God's Lovesong



8 studies for individuals or groups

This eight-study guide takes you through God's love song—the book of Hosea. You'll be amazed by God's love for His people—raw, compelling, emotional, unconditional. You'll be challenged by the failings of His people. And you'll be moved by God's ultimate act of love—the cross of His Son. Hosea is a love song, with a difference. Love songs are everywhere. On the radio; on movie soundtracks; in the background as we shop and eat out. They’re often stuck in our heads and hearts, too. And yet their lyrics are full of desire leading to disappointment, and hope followed by heartbreak. Love songs reflect our yearning for a love that is solid and sure; and they expose our inability to find it.

 The book of Hosea is a love song. But uniquely, its lyrics are about a love which will never fade; which will never disappoint; and which will never say: “Enough”. The singer throughout Hosea is God: and the love He talks about is His own love, lavished upon His people. It’s a love song that is surprising, raw, emotional, at times uncomfortable, but always compelling.

 Table of contents

 Why study Hosea?


 1. Unfaithful (Hosea 1 v 1 – 2 v 1)

 2. If you leave me now (Hosea 2 v 2 – 3 v 5)

 3. D.I.V.O.R.C.E. (Hosea 4 – 5)

 4. Sorry seems to be the hardest word (Hosea 6 – 7)

 5. Reap the wild wind (Hosea 8 – 10)

 6. Never going to give you up (Hosea 11)

 7. History repeating (Hosea 12 – 13)

 8. Return to me (Hosea 14)

 Leader's Guide

 Be thrilled, excited and challenged by God's unconditional, and surprising, love for His people.

Author / Artist Dan Wells

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