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ERV Youth Bible: Teal

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 The ERV was developed In the 1980s by the World Bible Translation Centre using the Easy-to-Read version for the Deaf (ERD) as its basis. Since then, the ERV text has been revised, enhanced, and updated regularly. Although the ERV and the NCV (the original Youth Bible translation) have the same roots, the NCV has never been updated, whereas the ERV is continually being honed to embrace changes in world English. Although technically, the ERV is not an 'updated NCV', it does represent a twenty-first-century advancement of both translations mentioned above.

 Authentic Media have long been associated with publishing Youth Bibles, having first created the anglicized NCV Youth Bible back in 1993. Having overseen three revisions of that Youth Bible, Authentic are now producing a brand new anglicized Youth Bible packed full of features that will help young people connect with the Word of God and enable them to understand the 'big picture' of the Bible.

 The vision for the new Youth Bible is to give teens something meatier to chew on, to get them to ask and answer questions about what a story is saying, for them to engage with the text and get some sense of understanding of where we are at in the Bible narrative, the point of the passage and what this might mean for their relationship with God, others and the world.

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Author / Artist Authentic Media
Book Format Hardback
Publisher Authentic 
Recommended for Ages from 10 years up to 18 years
Weight 926g
Number of Pages 1399
Height 220 mm
Width 154 mm
ISBN 9781860248191

ISBN-10 1860248195